torsdag den 18. februar 2010

Starting out

So - Giraffe Games, eh?

I know ... it sounds like something out of a human ressource manual, and I'm sorry about that. It's just that I really like giraffes and I really like games - "Giraffe Games".

These are scary days: I've just started out as a freelance writer/ game designer after 10 years in the games business. When you're going freelance, you will need a blog, or so I'm told. So this is it.

The purpose of this blog is (for know, anyway) to discuss how stories are best used in games. Where it works and why this is ... and where it doesn't and why this is. I will discuss games that I have played from the writer/game designers point of view. The ultimate goal is to come up with some kind of toolbox, which will make it easier to convey stories in games.

Those were the words - lofty ones, I know. But don't worry ... I'll probably change my mind a thousand times.

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